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As the leading aeromedical center in Scandinavia, we offer a wide range of aeromedical services for individual professionals and organizations

Initial examination

For pilot students who want to apply to pilot schools, an Initial-certificate( Förstagångsintyg) is usually a requirement.

FMC is one of the only two aeromedical centers in Sweden that does the initial examination for FCL class 1.
FMC also offers the initial examination for FCL class 2/3 and cabin crew.
EASA 1/2/3

Aeromedicine & Health Certificates

Extension and renewal of:
EASA FCL class 1/2/3/LAPL
FAA class 1/2/3
CASA class 1/2/3
Cabin Crew-certificate/Medical report
Fit for flight-certificate


If you have any aeromedical questions or health problems, you are welcome to schedule a phone appointment with our aeromedical doctors.

The meeting can be done in person or over the phone for your convenience.

Aviation Psychological Aptitude Test

Flight psychology aptitude test, which is required for application to certain flight schools(also Higher Vocational Education). FMC uses a test model from Schuhfried GmbH in Vienna, SAAIR, and the functions and properties that are tested correspond to the requirements set by the industry and the Vocational University Authority. The test model is developed and tested for the selection of pilots and for assessing suitability for the pilot profession.

Aviation psychology

For airlines and organisations, FMC offers medical support for psychological issues. For individual pilots/crews, you will also have opportunities to get professional help from our psychologists, e,g, traumatic experiences, stress-related problems, "burnout", problems in the manager/employee relationship, any problems of a psychological or psychosocial nature, problems with upgrades/OPC or the like.

Organisational Support

We help airlines, airports, flight schools with
Crisis management support
Human factor training
Psychological training
Training in preventive medicine
Aeromedical evacuation

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